Auction News

4 February 2015

Our auction year has started exceptionally well, with high levels of interest and spirited bidding.  Because of the increased level of interest in both buying and selling properties at auction, we are holding auctions every Monday night through February and March at our usual venue, at the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club.

Our auctions on Monday 2 February were very well attended, making for a busy night, with 12 properties up for Auction.  Two properties sold prior to auction night, and four sold under the hammer on the night.  The remainder are being negotiated with conditional buyers.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

17 November 2014

We had Auctions once again on Monday night – these will be held EVERY Monday now right up until Christmas so last Auction night is 15 December 2014.

Of the 10 properties up for sale, 4 had sold prior and 4 sold under the hammer.  There is a great line-up of properties to be auctioned before Christmas.  We are certainly not slowing down in the lead up to the summer holidays.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

10 November 2014

Another busy night of Auctions at our usual venue at the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club on Monday evening, with 15 properties up for sale, and one property sold prior to Auction.

Eight properties sold ‘under the hammer’ with bidding on 5 Dalwhinnie Parade reaching in excess of 30 bids!

Seven other properties were passed in, however some did have bidding on the night and three now have conditional offers on them. 

On Monday night at our Auctions the Ray White Eastern Beaches Group sold over $7.0m of properties - I don't think any other agencies could replicate that!

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

3 November 2014

We had our usual Auctions on Monday evening with five properties up for sale and two properties had been sold prior from pre auction offers.

2 Paparoa Road attracted good interest and we had spirited bidding, resulting in a sold ‘under the hammer.
10 West Fairway also enjoyed spirited bidding and although it was passed in on at the Auction it was sold within 30 minutes post auction to the highest bidder from the floor.
10 The Parade, a superbly located and stylish property opposite the beach and up a ROW was passed in and negotiations are continuing.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

20 October 2014

Another pleasing Monday night of Auctions, with 8 out of 10 properties selling under the hammer and one selling immediately after.  It was an exciting evening!

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

13 October 2014

A great evening of Auctions on Monday at our usual venue at the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club - with 9 out of 11 selling under the hammer and one sold prior.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

6 October 2014

A big night of Auctions on Monday with 13 properties up for sale, five properties sold under the hammer and two properties had been sold prior due to pre auction offers being accepted.  We are working with interested parties from the Auction but that doesn't preclude new introductions. 

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

30 September 2014

Great auction night on Monday with 11 properties in the portfolio. The room was packed and the mood of the room showed a renewed confidence post the pre-election jitters we had felt. Two of the properties had sold prior with early accepted offers and early auctions completed. Of the other nine properties, five sold under the hammer, one sold immediately post auction and two are being negotiated today.  The remaining property has conditional interest, so all-in-all a very successful evening.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

19 September 2014

We finished a very good week with a very good sale ‘under the hammer’ last evening, so plenty of positive stories to tell to give confidence to buyers.

We started the week at Meadowbank with a sale ‘under the hammer’ after very competitive bidding - well done Sally Morrison and a big thanks to our sales people to attended the auction in support.

An extremely pleasing Monday evening - a very good sized crowd that witnessed competitive bidding.

11 Quibray ‘under the hammer’
8 Roysfield ‘under the hammer’
26 Portadown ‘under the hammer’
25 Palmyra immediate post auction

Last evening to finish a positive week-  a sale ‘under the hammer’ after competitive bidding  - particularly pleasing.

Congratulations to the listers and we should also acknowledge with thanks those who introduced buyers and then bidders to auction - without this team work we cannot achieve as best we can.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

1 September 2014

To kick off the start of Spring we had another fantastic night at our Auction’s on Monday - 100% success rate with seven properties up for sale and seven selling under the hammer - what a great start to the September portfolio!  We have some exciting auction nights coming up as vendors have taken advantage of our ‘double your ad’ promo.

Ken Ralph

25 August 2014

Auction Results:  We had six properties up for Auction on Monday evening, with one property selling prior.  Three sold under the hammer on the night.  Of the remaining three, two had conditional interest and we expect results within the next fortnight.  The last of the winter auctions - congratulations to all vendors who decided to list and sell before the Spring rush.

Ken Ralph

6 August 2014

Results from Monday night - there were 12 auctions at the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club with excellent results.  One of the properties had been sold at a brought forward Auction and of the other eleven; seven were sold under the hammer leaving four properties at this point unsold.

Two thirds of the portfolio sold on Monday night!  There was bidding on the remainder of the properties as well and we expect to see results here as well shortly.

In all of these instances the prices achieved exceeded market feedback and Vendors were listening to the market.  Excellent results.

Who says Auctions don't work?!

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

23 July 2014

Monday night Auctions were successful with three properties up for sale.  Two sold under the hammer - once the properties had ‘come on the market’ the bidding was very active.  The third property sold post auction within minutes of the pass in to the highest bidder, so 100% success on the night.

Next Monday we're taking a mid winter break - no Auctions.  However, the following Monday 4 August should be a ‘boomer’ with 12 Auctions - including one already pre-sold.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

16 July 2014

Monday night Auctions were held at our usual venue at the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club and four listings were offered for sale.  One sold under the hammer, and the other three are at final negotiation stages, so once again selling by Auction provided great results for our vendors.

How much does an extra bid cost?  If the property you're after is going to Auction, it's nice to know the difference on your repayments that a higher bid will make, so be sure to speak with Bruce Patten and the team from Loan Market to find out.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

3 July 2014

A brought forward auction sold under the hammer last Thursday. The brought forward offer became the declared opening bid on the night, up until then that amount is, of course, confidential. After spirited bidding from three of the six buyers present it was eventually sold for $70,000 more than the opening bid.  A fabulous result for the vendor and a very excited purchaser.

We had Auctions at our usual venue at the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club on Monday evening, with 11 properties up for sale - three properties sold under the hammer.  Offers are being negotiated on four of the remaining eight properties.

The market condition this week seems to be inconsistent.  Most of the properties up on Monday night had bidding interest; however buyers appeared very shy of putting up their hand to bid.  The response from many was ‘it's not on the market yet’.  I'm not sure how we can get properties onto the market without bidding??  Without buyers undertaking bidding we are at a loss on the Auction floor as to the direction of the Auction especially when we know bidders have undertaken their due diligence and are present in the room.  Surely it is better to bid and have earned the first right to negotiate with the vendor, rather than perhaps wait until post auction, when as with two properties this week that are now multiple offer situations where the offers are in envelopes, and you have no idea whether you will miss out for a small amount of money.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

23 June 2014

Another pleasing Auction evening on Monday night with six out of eight properties selling under the hammer.  Of those six, five had spirited bidding from multiple parties with at least 10-12 bids on each property from at least four bidders.  This is showing that interest is still out there at all property levels and all types of houses which ranged on Monday night from apartment living, townhouse, one level brick and tile home to a first home buyer property.  All range of properties.  The other two properties have attracted additional conditional interest.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

16 June 2014

Another week has gone by and so quickly too in real estate.  Our Auctions were held on Monday night with six properties up for sale, three sold under the hammer.  Two of the remaining properties had attracted strong conditional interest.

And how was the mood of the room? Many of you will be asking or thinking about this question particularly with recent news commentaries with regards to Auction results at the moment.  For the number of Auctions that were held the numbers in the room were excellent, the tone seems quieter and the bidding not quite so feverish however the properties that sold under the hammer did so competitively with multiple bidders.  Of the other three properties, two had multiple bidding but did not reach reserve and one surprised us all with little interest on the floor, however all three are being negotiated at this moment.  50% success rate in a three week campaign is an excellent result and of the other three, often by the end of the week results are being achieved.

To a certain extent the numbers of attendees at open home viewings are a little down at the moment and perhaps there are fewer bidders on each property however it's WINTER, it's not surprising.  People who sell at this time of the year are in the main, determined to sell.  We don't have spring dreamers and if buyers are out looking they are determined to buy also.  We are the only eastern beaches real estate company conducting a regular timetable of convenient and local in-room Auctions.  This gives us the local advantage over our competitors.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

9 June 2014

We had a great night at Auctions on Monday - there were 8 properties up for Auction, 6 sold on the night and the other 2 are under negotiation.

People are continually asking us how the market is tracking, the Auction room was full but not overflowing, there were 8 properties up for Auction as mentioned so the numbers in the room were greater than I thought there would be and the bidding was spirited.  Yes there appears to be fewer buyers for each property but no less intensity from those determined to buy.  There are a number of buyers we are beginning to observe who are more reticent at putting up their hand or making that final "emotion money" bid on the Auction floor, in the last few weeks there have been four instances that I know of where the under bidder who has missed out on a property has come back disappointed the next day wishing they had paid more and asking if the deposit has been paid.
The common saying "something else will turn up" isn't always the case in real estate where emotion of "I'd like to live in that house" doesn't happen every day.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

26 May 2014

Auctions were held on Monday at our usual venue Bucklands Beach Yacht Club, with 8 out of the 15 selling under the hammer.  All of the other properties bar 1 had buyer interest with offers being negotiated this week. As I often say "ask me on Friday" from the Monday auctions. 

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

12 May 2014

Another Monday night of Auctions this week, we had 5 up for sale, 4 properties sold under the hammer with very pleasing results for both Vendor and Purchaser.  Four out of five properties sold under the hammer on the night – WOW!  We started the week on a very positive note.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

13 March 2014

A mixed week - which perhaps reflects buyer caution starting to ‘creep in’.  We have enjoyed great success and some disappointment at a lack of buyer interest in some properties that we thought would have attracted very positive buyer reaction.  Auctions are a very immediate barometer of buyer activity. 
We are achieving excellent sale results and we must continue to listen to buyers and their expectation of price.

Monday evening got off to a positive start with 2/66 Prince Regent Drive selling under the hammer and we followed with excellent bidding on 10 Drake Street selling under the hammer.  We are working hard to finalise the remaining portfolio.

Tuesday evening - 1/117 Wellington Street sold under the hammer.

Wednesday evening at St Heliers, 59 Devore sold under the hammer.

St Heliers was interesting from experiencing a close but different market place from our Eastern Beaches - a great result.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

2 March 2014 

Congratulations to Lily Li who got March off to a positive start with a sale under the hammer after competitive bidding at Rush Place, Mangere this afternoon.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

28 February 2014

We started the week with plenty of bidding activity and finished the week as we started - with very positive results.  Team work made the difference to so many listings - listers doing the hard yards with vendors, reporting accurately, co-ordinating open home and private inspection activity, salespeople introducing buyers and then bidders to auction.  Quality listings are the ‘key’ to a successful business - congratulations to the listers and the salespeople who introduced buyers so properties sold with a good result for Vendors.

3 Nassau Court, 149 Wellington Street and 6 Heyington Place all received pre-auction offers.  All SOLD under the hammer in excess of the pre-auction offer - Nassau after 14 bids, Wellington after 18 bids and Heyington after 27 bids.

Other highlights on Auction night:

2/21 The Esplanade exceeded expectations with 14 bids - SOLD under the hammer

2/172 Bucklands Beach Road reaching buyer feedback -  SOLD under the hammer

7 Patros Place after 32 bids - SOLD under the hammer

30 Granger Road - SOLD under the hammer.

Martin Caie achieved a sale on 18 Leneford Drive immediately after passing in - keeping pressure on to achieve a sale for his vendor. 

We also recognised earlier auctions brought forward with pre-auction offers - all with outstanding success - 2/25 Seaspray Drive, 30 Macnean Drive, 25 Sunnyview Avenue and 1/68 Sorrel Crescent - all SOLD under the hammer

On Tuesday evening we increased the pre-auction offer on 43A Patons Road by $20,000 - SOLD under the hammer.  Again - team work to achieve a very pleasing result for vendors who were the buyers of Sunnyview Avenue.

Wednesday afternoon - we went to Ellerslie Elwood and secured a SALE  under the hammer.

Wednesday evening - we ventured out to Pukekohe and were pleased to show a very good sized crowd how successful auctions are ‘run’ - well done to Martin and Cathy Caie - SOLD under the hammer after 23 bids.  This listing was the result of past listing activity with one of the vendors, so a particularly pleasing result.

Friday evening - we increased the preauction offer for 12B Howe Street by $10,000 – SOLD under the hammer after 10 bids.

We have a great track record that stands above any other in our area - we are not cut price operators - we are ‘quality get results’ operators.

Thanks to all – let’s concentrate and assist to get further great results.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

13 February 2014

We have finished this week in very positive territory!

Kerswill has been declared unconditional today

7 Venus Place - SOLD  ‘under the hammer

39 Advene - SOLD  under the hammer

9 Kalberry - SOLD  under the hammer

200 Bleakhouse – active bidding and negotiations are continuing 

2/25 Seaspray - SOLD  under the hammer

Congratulations to all listers - without quality listings we can never attract multi buyer interest plus their rapport and hard work with vendor communication is vital to achieving great results.

Congratulations also to those who introduced buyer interest and bidders at auction - team work has really made the difference to achieving great results for vendors.

Thanks also to those who attended auction in support of listers - again team work!!

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

11 November 2013

We ended last week with very positive activity, however, nobody should under estimate the work and effort by the listers to get property to a ‘sell under the hammer’ status. In a market that is showing signs of buyers reassessing their ability to buy and mortgage restrictions, plus vendors looking back at sales that have been achieved through extreme enthusiastic bidding - it is a real balancing act to get buyers into a mode to bid and buy and keeping vendors’ price expectations realistic to the buyer reaction we have qualified to each property.

We should also acknowledge and congratulate the listers for securing quality listings during a listing period of very high competition.

Actions during the past week:

4 Cleary Terrace - SOLD under the hammer

3 Cherry Road - SOLD under the hammer

8 Colmar Road - SOLD under the hammer


15 Eske Place - SOLD under the hammer

6 Dell Way - SOLD under the hammer

10 Stansfield Place - SOLD under the hammer

94 Sandspit Road - SOLD under the hammer

I want to note that that we achieved great results due to salepeoples’ contribution by private inspections and getting buyers to auction bidding.

Once again - I want to acknowledge all the work put in by all our salespeople - great effort.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

27 August 2013

4 Jontue Crescent, Clover Park, sold under the hammer for $353,000 - very pleased Vendor and buyer.  A boardroom full of potential buyers.  It was obvious that many potential buyers perceived buyer value and a more affordable price range - and took the time to attend auction.  Any property is suitable for auction!

We have an excellent line up for our next auction night on Monday 9 September.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

26 August 2013

SOLD under the hammer - Woodgers Way, Sunderlands Road, Howe Street, Devon Road, Jandell Crescent and Evelyn Road.

SOLD unconditional after auction – Malloy Place.

Again, a very good clearance with some very competitive bidding.  However there are some signs that buyer excited enthusiasm and mortgage changes may be starting to influence future business.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

17 June 2013 

Wow! What a great result last night.   Nine out of nine sold - 100% under the hammer.  Well done everyone!

First of all - congratulations to the listers and their hard work to ensure that our Vendors were given accurate buyer information, which resulted in reserves that allowed the under the hammer sales.  Great results are only achieved through hard work, and sales people accepting the challenge and responsibility, plus teamwork from all of the team.

The 100% was particularly pleasing as two of the properties had no pre-auction guarantee of bidding, with only possible post-conditional interest, so to have bidding on those properties and achieving a clean sweep under the hammer was so exciting.  A great effort was made by the sales people for these two properties to get their prospects to the auction - a sale resulted.

The other post auction ‘result’ was a call from one of the Vendors congratulating all concerned on their result and making the statement that “you do it so well, make sure you keep going”.  They were impressed with the way sales people introduced their customers to the property and their courtesy to the Vendors.

All properties sold last night in excess of Vendor expectations, but they also gave buyers an opportunity to buy while they can take advantage of the current interest rates and very good mortgage options - so both vendors and buyers are ‘winners’ - we need to keep a balance.

Last night completed a phenomenal first half of 2013.  Last year was a record year for numbers of properties going to auction, and so far this year we are already 60 properties up on the same time in 2012, with mostly under the hammer sales.

A terrific six months.  These past months should give everyone confidence that we market auction properties with an excellent reputation.

Ken Ralph

Company Auctioneer

7 June 2013

We have finished the week with another excellent result thanks to teamwork contribution.  A very big crowd was once again in attendance to take part or witness real estate activity on Tuesday night.  Excellent results were achieved.

under the hammer sales:  Cromdale Avenue for $783,000 after 27 bids, Galsworthy Place for $780,500 after 31 bids, Drake Street sold for $539,000 after 26 bids, Smales Road bidding got to $710,000 and the salesperson is continuing to work with buyers.

This evening Bramley Drive sold under the hammer after 25 bids, for $1,093,000.  What was impressive apart from the result was the number of the sales team who were there with bidders.  An exciting week for us once again and thanks to all those who contributed to the excellent results.

Ken Ralph

Company Auctioneer

13 February 2013 

We ventured ‘out West’ this evening and sold under the hammer, 7 Dainton Place, New Lynn - congratulations to Madhu Bhana.  Madhu identified two bidders - good bidding resulted in a good price of $482,500 - very happy vendor and buyer.  Well done Madhu.

Ken Ralph

Company Auctioneer

07 February 2013

We started the week with great success and we have finished the week with great success.

Monday evening - 21 Curacao sold under the hammer after 18 bids - $652,000, followed by 6/65 Moore Street also selling under the hammer with 10 bids - $462,000.  117 Wayne Francis Drive has a conditional sale after post auction negotiations.

Congratulations to Michael Ellse, Marie Raos, Jeff and Christine Carr.

Tuesday evening - 21A Gwenand Place attracted bidding and Michael Ellse continues with post auction negotiations.

This evening - 7 Braystones Place sold under the hammer - after numerous bids (my usual bid recording people were not in attendance and I couldn't keep up with myself!) - $810,000.

Congratulations to Sue Collyns, Jeff Carr and Elaine Shew who introduced the winning 'buyer’.

Ken Ralph

Company Auctioneer

06 December 2012

Keppoch Court – Sold under the hammer

Congratulations to Marie Raos for securing an excellent listing and conducting an equally excellent marketing programme – short as it was.   We also need to recognise the private inspections from the sales team – there is no doubt team work helps to give Vendors the very best result.

Thanks to Lilly Li, James Bae, Ivy Zhao, Rasool Soleimani &, Angie Cheng – all introductions and attendance besides the 8+ probables that Marie had identified.

Bidding started at $850,000 and after 52 bids sold under the hammer to Angie’s buyer customer.

Again – the most pleasing aspect  - we showed that we know how to maximise price for our Vendors  - we are “auctioneers”.

Marie Raos’ skill to get the listing/manage the marketing/attract buyer interest/ work very cooperatively with the rest of the sales team – set the platform for an outstanding result.

With four bidders in total – that is “market value” – that is the price genuine buyers were prepared to pay for an extremely well presented home in a sought after street and as I said at auction – “hard to find another such home”.

The Vendor and her family were delighted with the result  - thanks to all.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

20 November 2012

Another big crowd witnessed a very active auction programme on Monday evening, demonstrating the continued interest in real estate in our Eastern Beaches area.

Following on from last Thursday evening the two “under the hammer sales” 21 Raddock Place and 14 Beechdale Crescent were recognised and set the standard for further “under the hammer “ sales.

25 Baird Street sold under the hammer $788,000 after 19 bids. Palm Crest Grove sold under the hammer $710,000. 38 Gosford Drive sold under the hammer $586,000. 27 Marendellas Drive sold under the hammer $580,000. 192A Clovelly Road sold under the hammer $490,000. 1/ 39 Jill Teresa Crescent sold under the hammer after 24 bids $595,500. 4/ 33 Rodney Street sold immediately post auction to the highest bidders. Sales people are working with buying interest for 28 Ellesmere Crescent and 10 Seresin Crescent.

The most pleasing aspect of the evening was that once again we were able to clearly demonstrate our 26 years of auction marketing experience, auctioneering skills and ability to work with buyers during the auction to achieve the best unconditional sale for our Vendors and the ability for buyers to buy in a most efficient and transparent way.

Congratulations to our Vendors, the lucky buyers and our sales team on an outstanding successful evening.

Congratulations also to Martin Caie and Cathy Huang – success at 8 Laser Place on Sunday! It is always more difficult selling out of catchment area – so Martin and Cathy did well at Bayview/Glenfield – bidding reached $515,000 then with negotiations immediately post auction Martin achieved $535,000 and an unconditional sale which then allowed the Vendor to bid on Rodney Street on Monday evening and with immediate post auction negotiations a sale was signed at $450,000.

So  - another positive story – getting one home sold  so another home can be purchased.

Well done Martin and Cathy

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

15 November 2012

Another extremely pleasing auction evening – 2 properties brought forward – both beat the price the Vendors were pleased to accept.

Congratulations to Marie Raos and I think it is very appropriate to recognise and congratulate “Marie’s team” – good people build good people around them!

But also I want to recognise and thank Elaine Shew and Henry Yong for introducing buyers and getting them to bid and also Ian Taylor for assisting one of the bidders to become the eventual “winner” - again team work – people assisting with their skills to ensure the best result.

21 Raddock sold under the hammer after 59 bids  - bidding starting at $720,000 and finishing $802,000

14 Beechdale sold under the hammer after 17 bids – bidding starting at $550,000 and finishing $568,000.

This week demonstrated again  - we are good at Auction Marketing – our Vendors have been very complimentary about the sales people and the way we have conducted the sale of their property. - I am always striving for better results/ more perfection in all aspects of the auction programme and that’s how it should be, however, we shouldn’t be shy in telling prospective vendors how good we are  - you don’t get quality and experience with “free” and as I have reiterated many times  - we are auctioneers not bid takers  - we know our obligations/ we know who to work for  - our Vendors. The Vendors have all expressed appreciation for the way we have maximised price for them. This is our reputation.

We are down to our last 4 auction portfolios for the year – with continuing support from all the sales team we will finish in superb style.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer

09 November 2012

A very successful auction evening  -  2/18 Davita and 16 Macnean.

Congratulations to Kevin Marginson achieving a sale of Davita for our Vendors in a speedy time to suit their urgent timetable - $645,500 under the hammer.

Congratulations to Jeff and Christine Carr – achieving  a “sale under the hammer” of Macnean.  Bidding opened at $778,000 and ended $842,000 – about 56 bids – at least 4 bidders.

Recognition also needs to go to Angie Cheng and Faz Najmi who had buyers at the auction – it is those efforts that make such a difference to a final result.

The Vendor was singing the praise of the effort that went into getting the result – a very pleasing response!

Another pleasing aspect was the comments I heard after auction – I heard Jeff thanking the Vendors sister for the “referral” – sister replied – “well you are the only one who has kept in touch with us, you haven’t pestered us, but you have kept in touch”.

Congratulations to Jeff and Christine - 2 very successful evenings and congratulations to all who contributed to make a successful auction.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer  

22 September 2012

Two mid week/ end week pre auction offer-auctions with very pleasing results for Vendors.

Wednesday evening - 1/31 Eastern Beach Road - $395,000  - 8 bids later $402,000 – well done Kevin Marginson but also thanks to Lily Li who worked well with her under bidder customer.   

Friday evening – 146 Whitford Road - $490,000 – 20 bids later - $505,000 – well done Carolynne Scott but also thanks to Yasmin Kapadia who registered and worked with the under bidder and Tania Yang whose customer also took part in the bidding. Thanks also to John Lau  and Michael Ellse for attending and giving support – it was appreciated.

23 August 2012

Congratulations to Marie Raos - last evening 18 Union Road sold under the hammer  - after an opening preauction offer of $575,000 – 23 bids later sold $599,500.

This sale capped off a tremendous week for us and should give everyone absolute confidence to discuss with existing listings and new opportunities the selling strategy of auction marketing.

Our success does not = chance/ good luck

Our success = our considerable experience – 26 years through good and bad markets

=          our dedicated auction administration as daily back up to sales people – we don’t fly in auctioneers/ admin help on “the day”

=          our attention to providing buyer information that gives confidence to buyers to take an active interest in buying

=          knowing how  to work with buyers – prior to and during the auction – to ensure the best results for vendors – do vendors appreciate there is      more skill/ more experience required than placing a few adverts in the PPRess and turning up at Open Homes         

=          not being shy in advocating that we work  - for vendors

=          working in the best interests of our vendors - we will accommodate “workins” with other  companies

=          we have the best auction facilities in the Eastern Beaches area.

Ken Ralph
Company Auctioneer 

11 August 2012

Congratulations to Christine Stewart with a sale last evening - 200 Bucklands Beach Road – selling under the hammer after very competitive bidding at $878,000. Bidding started at the pre auction offer of $810,000 and sold to the pre auction offeree.

Maximising price for our Vendors is our clear obligation – it should be obvious to all that marketing and the selling strategy is so important to maximising price.

We have been auction marketing over 25 years – not in the last 12 months – we know how to maximise price / we have procedures in place / auction listers are backed by an experienced auction administration team.

Ken  Ralph
Company Auctioneer 

First Quarter 2012

The first quarter of this year has seen a 50% increase (in comparison to a record 2011 year) in our auction listing base as more vendors appreciate the value of trying to achieve a totally unconditional contract rather than spending time and money on conditional contracts where special conditions are often used to frustrate the sales process.  Buyers also appreciate the comfort of being able to buy in a more transparent sales process.

There have been many “highlights” - beginning with the very large numbers of people who have attended each of the ten auction evenings held at the premier Bucklands Beach Yacht Club venue – which demonstrates the general interest there is in real estate within our Eastern Beaches area.

“Position” properties continue to attract attention – one such property, 5 Marine Parade Mellons Bay, sold under the hammer at $1,805,000 – this was a premier cliff top site that overlooked the Howick waterfront and out to a marine landscape, a property that offered exciting future potential. Close to the heart of Howick Village, 82 Uxbridge Road, a very well presented family home with generous living and bedroom options sold under the hammer $1,007,500.

Traditional brick and tile homes have received attention - 84 Reeves Road, Pakuranga sold under the hammer after 36 bids for $638,000. A brick and tile on a full section site at 21 Hutchinson Road Howick offered a genuine refurbishing opportunity and sold under the hammer after 21 bids at $482,000.

Properties that provide the addition of a minor dwelling have also received a great deal of attention – one property at 37 Nevada Avenue in Pakuranga included a main home of 3 bedrooms plus a quite separate 2 bedroom dwelling, after 27 bids the property sold “under the hammer “ at $781,000.

Central Howick has received active buyer interest - we have marketed many homes and it has been noticeable that particularly “refurbished with flair” properties have received immediate attention – 27A Howe Street was but one example selling under the hammer at $600,000.

Presentation always does count - another example of appreciation for a property that was “freshened up” for the next owner was 96 Mirrabooka Avenue Botany Downs, 3 bedrooms on a full section selling “under the hammer “ at $670,000 and a contrasting location 2 Anna Watson Drive, Half Moon Bay, on a half section site sold under the hammer after 29 bids for $507,500.

Our current May portfolio of properties indicates continuing buyer activity so we look forward to positive results for our Vendors and quality buying opportunities for our buyer customers.